Forgiveness comes as a Refreshing Balm

An Unknown wisdom maker once commented, “It’s easy enough to have a clear conscience. All it takes is a fuzzy memory.” Sin, in whatever form, weighs heavily on our souls. It burdens us and keeps us from being the person God intends for us to be. Sin pulls us down, crushes our spirit and demeans our self-worth. Sin is defined as “missing the mark” a moment when we are less than we could have been.

I suspect that one has to sin really big-time to fully appreciate the pardoning grace of God. Most of us are little sinners, compiling over a lifetime, sins of thoughtlessness, insensitive comments, small sized lies, semi-malicious gossip and nitpicking moments. Ours are the private sins which we know well. The apostle Paul speaks of the human condition when he says of himself, “For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do.” (Romans 7:19 NRSV)

Then there are those of us who “blow it” in a big way. Our marriage falls apart, a moment of carelessness causes an accident, we mess up with a family member. A DWI or some less than ethical business dealings land us in court. Our sin becomes public knowledge. We are constantly confronted with reminders of a significant mistake or failure in our lives. Not only the mistake itself, but its accompanying loss stand as a stark reminder of yesterday’s stumble.

To all who have failed in life, to those who have made mistakes that hurt both themselves and those they love, God’s word of forgiveness comes as a refreshing balm. No longer do our hearts need to be burdened with guilt and shame. Forgiveness frees us from the past with its mistakes and failures. While we may live with the consequences of past sins, we are also freed to walk on new paths. And, remarkably, God takes the very mistakes of the past, in all of their ugliness – Weaving them into our lives in such a way that things of beauty and goodness spring from them. The Psalmist says of God, “Far as east is from west, so far has God put our offences away from us” (Psalm 103:13NEB). This is God’s promise. It is a promise of grace – God’s compassion, fresh every morning. We are pardoned people. Thanks be to God.