Devotions for Advent to Epiphany

November 27 Advent Anticipation
November 28 Prepare a Way For the Lord
November 29Set On Fire With Gospel Love
November 30What Can I Give Him
December 1Poking Holes in the Darkness
December 2 A Season of Growth 
December 3 Advent – Jesus Came to Save the World
December 4 The Promise of Peace
December 5 Emmanuel – God With Us
December 6 Reflecting God’s Light
December 7 Angels Watching Over Me
December 8 A Garland Instead of Ashes
December 9 A New Heart
December 10 A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break
December 11 Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
December 12 Hope in a World of Darkness
December 13 Making a People Ready
December 14 Advent’s Waiting Time
December 15 How Beautiful Upon the Mountains
December 16 Though the Fig Tree Does Not Blossom
December 17 Mary’s Yes, Both Gift and Dilemma
December 18 Star Child
December 19 A World of Enough
December 20 The Strength of a Mother’s Love
December 21 Mary’s Song
December 22 The Trip to Bethlehem
December 23 A Dream & the Voice of an Angel
Christmas Eve On a Silent Night
Christmas Day He Is Born
December 26 Telling the True Story
December 27 Each Child a Miracle
December 28 Christmas is for those who Refuse to Grow Up
December 29 Confronting Evil – Even at Christmas
December 30 Do Not Lose Heart
December 31 A Moment of Grace
January 1 The Power to Become Children of God
January 2 Christ Our Hope
January 3 I Have Called  You by Name
January 4 Skeletons in the Closet
January 5Life Wrapped in Unexpected Packages
Epiphany Follow the Star

Additional Reflections  Advent through Epiphany

Psalm 18:28Reimagining Christmas Traditions
Isaiah 9:2Christmas Will Come and Go, But the Christ of Christmas Will Remain
Isaiah 9:2, 6There is Both Mystery and Miracle About Christmas
Isaiah 9:6-7God’s Welcome Sign, for All the World’s People
Isaiah 11:3Yearning for the Perfect Christmas
Isaiah 11:6& 9 Advent-Waiting with Expectation
Isaiah 30:18 Weary in the Waiting
Isaiah 35:6-10Out of Darkness – Hope
Isaiah 35 The Holy Way
Isaiah 61:1-3 Needing Some Christmas Promise
Zephaniah 3:19-20An Advent Prayer
Thomas Merton Advent- Stainlessness of Winter Nights
Matthew 1:18-21, 24 When Words Become Flesh
Matthew 1:23God Searching to Save
 Matthew 1:23 Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days of Christmas Each Year
Matthew 2:1-12A New Year – Leaving Christmas Behind
Matthew 2:1-12After the Celebration – Epiphany
Matthew 2:1-12Returning From Christmas
Matthew 2:10-12 The Joy of New Beginnings
Matthew 4:16Candles of Hope
Luke 2:1-20 & Matthew 2:1-12Turning the Pages of a Year
Luke 1:46-55In Spite of it All – Angels Still Sing
Luke 1: 46-55Walk Softly as You Go Through Christmas
Luke 1:49-53Christmas Promise in a ‘Not Yet’ World
Luke 1:76-79Against the Backdrop of Pain – Advent Waits
Luke 1:76-79Christmas is for Imperfect People
Luke 2:1-20Getting Ready for Christmas
Luke 2:8-14The Singing of Angels
Luke 2:8-14Do You Hear the Angel’s Song – “Be Not Afraid”
Luke 2:8-14Just When the Night is Darkest
John 1:1-5 By God’s Grace, Light will Shine
John 1:1-5Trusting in the Light
 John 1:12,14,16  Dwelling Among us in Love
John 1:12A Christmas Star
John 16:21 Pondering the Mystery of Jesus
Acts 20:32-36  Circles at Christmas
James 5:7-8A Season of Growth

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