Do School Shootings Have to be Inevitable?

Learning yesterday, there was yet another school shooting did not come as a surprise.   The only real question was, where the shooting took place and which school.  Monday’s shooting at Covenant School in Nashville was  another,  in a long list of tragedies. 

Those who commit these crimes have a variety of reasons including mental illness, resentment, anger or vengeance. But what every one has in common, is the ability to easily get a gun, including rapid fire assault weapons.  The pervasiveness of guns in our society leaves everyone vulnerable, but especially the children. Yesterday, at a religious school in Nashville, three nine year old children lost their lives, along with three adults.

We will be analyzing Audrey Elizabeth Hale’s “manifesto” for years, trying to make sense of who she was and why she acted as she did. But, it will not take long to figure out how she managed to kill so quickly.

Is there anyone who really thinks Audrey Hale would have gone into that building intending to kill, without an assault weapon to lead the way? Or that previous school shooters would have attempted the devastation they set out to do, if guns were not in their bags? In our continual refusal to ban assault weapons, we have left an open  path for mass murders to walk on.   It is way past time for Congress to do what is right for the country, instead of their reelection funds. 

Pretending there is not a solution, is the greatest form of cowardice.

“For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather a spirit of power and of love.” II Timothy 1:7