The Longest Night

What is it about the Longest Night
That captures our imagination?
It’s not a night without end
But a sense of the long wait
till  night’s dangers pass.

Still, Some like  working in the night
amid a quiet camaraderie
of the similarly afflicted
joining together
in their own dance.

I’m a child of both day and night –
The night,
Where God seems close without distractions
of sun and light.

But where would we be without the light?
Some nocturnal animal who sees
Only glimpses of reality, unillumined.
Tonight, the long night
keeps me awake
an unexpected adrenaline high
Without my usual caffeinated waking companion.

This night – A Holy Night,
with memories of loved ones gone
and gifts they gave
While I lived in their presence.

Unwind me God,
From stresses of neither day nor night
but yearnings;
for understanding hearts
missing friends,
now with you
Instead of me.
Still yearning for that perfect Christmas
which can’t exist
Except in imperfection.

Christmas, Your gift to
an imperfect world,
living a nocturnal existence
in need of a savior.
One to lead us
away from ensnarement of dark’s shadows,
And of days.
Pulling us to truth
Your truth
Your yearning for justice.

God in this longest night
be my calm center
my healing balm
My quiet certitude.
Be my stay – tonight
my peace
My all.