Who is God to You?

 God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” Exodus 3:14

A few years back I started making a list  of the ways that I experience God.    It is an inadequate list, and sometimes lacking in clarity.  I’m not always certain what I  was thinking, and reflecting on as I wrote the description down.

Some days God is a challenger asking me to  stretch and grow.  Other days, I just find God challenging.  One day grace comes in that unexpected moment of clarity,  or as a moment when one knows they are surrounded by unexpected love or sheer grace.  

  I’ve always liked the alternative translation of Exodus 3:14, where God’s answer to Moses question, of what God it was  sending him to the Israelites,  is “I will be who I will be.”   The God who  “Will be who God wills to be,” cannot be locked into a box of our limited understanding, but is ready to surprise us in the most unlikely moments.

God Is:



Grace        Graceful       Forgiving        Giving        My-Strength    

  Heartfelt       Challenger        Challenging    


Hidden-But-Present        Awesome       Awe-Inspiring   



Goodness        Mercy        Merciful        Desires-Salvation        

Friend        Leader        Wisdom        Troubling       

Justice-Lover        Source-of-Hope        Promise        Gentle      


Prodder        Lord       Savior        Sensitive      

Gracious        Patient        Holy        Wholly-Other   

  Whisperer         Unexpected-Love        Deliverer      


Relentless-Love        Reassuring-Presence   


  Reconciler        Purpose-Giver       Source-of-Blessing     

  Strengthener        Healer-of-Wounds        Hope-Filler    



Sneaky        Yearner        Persistent-Giver-of-Call      




  Listener        Last-Word        Constant       Present      

Pursuer-of-Truth       Peace-Giver      

Dweller-in-the-heart        Friend-of-Sinners    



  Faithful         Whole        Guardian-of-Souls      

Shepherd        Father        Loves-with-a-Mother’s-love        Parent    


  Pursuer-of-Justice        Spirit       Our-Calm       Trustworthy       


Is their a description that resonates with you?  What would you add?  

Who is God to you?