Finding Joy in Each Other

‘Viette’s Little Suzy’ Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Spring 2018

May is a month of celebrations.  We celebrate the gifts of mothers, the joy of graduations.   Schools echo with the sounds of music as concerts reveal the accomplishments of our children. There are award ceremonies and proms.   We celebrate both endings and beginnings.  In my area spring has broken into a long and ongoing winter. Green grass and trees leafing out are an extra source of joy this year. Everywhere I go, comments about spring bring a smile. Strangers celebrate with strangers that this long and forever winter has finally ended.

Finding joy in each other appears to be part of God’s plan for the world. We celebrate God’s love in our relationships and the richness which that love brings us. As Christians we have special cause to be celebrative people, for we have the joy of the risen Christ with us.

It is in Christ’s name that we are called to reach out in love to each other. Through our actions we become living testimonies of God’s intentions in this world. By our loving, we give others cause to celebrate the Christ who dwells in us. May your days of celebration give opportunity to share with others the Christ in you, through loving actions, generous hearts and a gracious response to all you encounter.