Quotes & Prayers Tucked In My Bible

Mixed Flowers, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, July 15, 2021

I have a lot of Post-It notes in my Bible, with either a quote or a prayer I found meaningful.   May one of these speak to you. 

“Lord help me to see those who have hurt me, not as enemies, but rather as thirsty people. And give me courage and compassion to offer your living water, which alone quenches deep thirst.” Based on a prayer of Henri Nowuen

Sometimes what seems to us like a dead end will, if we follow it as far as we can, turn out to be a threshold rather than a wall—an opening, not a closing . . . We must persevere to the apparent end to see it and be willing to relinquish our own expectations of what lies ahead and our own assumptions about what God has in mind.” Deborah Smith Douglas – Upper Room Disciplines 2020 pg 258

“Loving God, As I take in what dim light I find within the trees and keep making each step on the uneven trail, help me trust. To trust I am not lost but burrowed in a womb of life-giving mystery. To trust I am reborn and already free. To trust in the mercy and beauty of daily rebirth.”Arianne Braithwaite Lehn -Upper Room Disciplines 2018, pg

Lord Jesus, Because of your love and mercy, it is never too late to be what you call me to be. May I be open to what I never expected before, never experienced before and never thought was possible. May I live in delightful dependence on you. Amen.” Arianne Braithwaite Lehn -Upper Room Disciplines 2018 , pg 179

“God so desires to be in relationship with us that there is nothing we can do to escape the grasp of God’s love.” Kate Foster Connors – Feasting on the Word, Year A, Volume 1, pg 426

“In the morning I offer myself to you in prayer,
by night I surrender to you in trust; 
O, that I might walk in the Light with a grateful heart,
and radiate peace to the world! 
 A portion of Psalm 101, Psalms for Praying, Nan C. Merrill,