Just When the Night is Darkest

There is an old adage, “It is always darkest before the dawn,”  which may or may not be based on scientific fact.   Whether scientifically true or not,  my darkest moments have  led me to moments when light has broken through what I thought to be impenetrable darkness.   I wonder if it isn’t that we simply don’t see God at work until we’ve given up on own ability to fix our lives.  Perhaps it is only  then that God can break through our defenses and burst into our lives in new ways.

Ann Weems  writes,

“Into this silent night
as we make our weary way
we know not where,
just when the night becomes its darkest
and we cannot see our path,
just then
is when the angels rush in,
their hands full of stars.”

From “Kneeling in Bethlehem”  Ann Weems

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2 thoughts on “Just When the Night is Darkest

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