Polorization and a Christian Values

I suppose we’ve been in situations like this before, but these last months have seemed to be a never ending stream of self righteous proclamations.   Right verses Left,   Republican verses Democrats.  There has been   little room for honest discussion.   How can we begin to understand one another when we are constantly talking at, but never listening to one another?

The era of the anonymous blog  in national newspapers allows us to hide behind our words,  without acknowledging who we are.  Would we say the same things if we were sitting across from each other in a restaurant or next to each other in church?

Does respect end when we can no longer see the other and they cannot see us?   How does that fit into a Christian world view?    You know that stuff Jesus talked about, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  “Pray for your enemies.”  “Go the extra mile.”

Wouldn’t our world be better if we as Christian people took our core Christian values with us when we leave our churches?

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