In a Multitude of Choices, Choosing the God of Life

A multitude of choices confront us each day. God calls us into service, but so many other voices make their claim on us as well. Whom and what have we really given our life to?

What is it that gets our attention?
Whose advice do we follow?
When we have to make a choice, what gets cut out? What stays in?
What are we committed to and how do we prioritize those commitments?
If all of our possessions were lost, what of value would be left for us?
What do our credit cards and checking account say of our values?
What do our politics say about our faith?
Does the living word of God, live in us to the extent that we place a priority on the words of Jesus?

The people of Israel had reached the edge of the Promised Land . . . that land which God had said, “flowed with milk and honey.” A land promised to the Israelites, when they were still enslaved in Egypt. Now was a moment of decision. Who would they be in that new land? Moses was gone. It was up to Joshua to lead the people into the land of promise. Forty years in the wilderness had shown Joshua a fickle side of their nature, when it came to following God. So, Joshua gathered the people of Israel. He reminded them that they were the people of promise, but warned them not to pretend to follow the Lord. It would be through this wandering people that God, would be made known to the world. Were they ready to accept their calling? Then Joshua demanded, “Choose you this day whom you will serve, God or some other . . .but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Joshua and his family knew that they could not live without God. They were acutely aware that in God were the answers to life and death. God was their source of hope and promise. Always, there would be false god’s beckoning. Popular culture would challenge their belief in a God of justice and mercy. Care for the orphan, widow and immigrant would be mocked and scorned. Enticements would encourage them to forsake God, but their decision was made. They would serve the Lord. They would not let any false gods usurp God’s place.

Centuries have passed since that long ago day, yet each of us faces that same decision which Joshua and his family did. Our life is written of such choices. “Choose you this day whom you will serve, God or some other . . .” Joshua 24:15

Looking at your life, your beliefs and your values, how close do they match the call of God? What do your Facebook postings say of your values? Today is a good day, to reexamine both faith and values. Have you fallen for some false god or have you chosen the God of life and promise.

The answer lies in each of our hearts and minds.

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