Going in Circles – Searching for a Better Path



“Dr George Buttrick used to tell of an early camping trip with his family, back when cars were still quite primitive, windows unknown and rain could easily drench the passengers. Roads as the time were either gravel or dirt. On a good day the travelers could usually cover about a hundred miles. On the last leg of their trip, they decided to finish up the drive pushing towards home. It was about midnight and raining. The going was difficult, their headlights dim, visibility poor. Fortunately the road improved, and the Buttrick’s commented to each other about it. Now the road was level and even, mostly straight, with only a few gentle curves. Having traveled some time they begin to notice that all the curves went the same way, all to the left. The terrain seemed strangely familiar.

No road signs gave any indication of where they might be. At last Dr. Buttrick stopped the car, got out, and began to look around. To his great embarrassment, Dr. Buttrick’s exploration revealed that in the darkness he had somehow gotten off the public road and onto a race track. For over two hours he had been driving in circles. Tired, eager to be home, with a couple of children who were weary, wet, cold and hungry the Buttrick’s were going round and round a race track.

Perhaps you too are going round and round. You keep circling the same territory, not making headway on your journey. Destructive patterns of yesterday haunt your today . . . trouble your tomorrow. God offers another path for you to follow. You can get onto a path that goes somewhere. God has a place and a purpose for your life, waiting for you to discover. There is a way off the race track. There is a way to life with significance. The way lies in opening your heart to the mystery which is God. The path starts when you unlock the door to your heart and let God in. Today is a good day to begin. . . a good day to trust God with your life. The way leads through prayer and surrender and putting yourself in God’s good hands. The way comes in accepting God’s great love for you.

” Trust in the Lord with all your heart,  and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him,  and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6


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