Surprised by God’s Angel of Mercy

I was about as poor as I ever want to be the winter I was going through a divorce.   We had  a propane gas tank that needed to be refilled regularly.   I was at that point where I was almost eligible for the maximum amount I could get to help pay my heating costs for the year.   The gas company  had been really gracious about extending credit, but  I had reached the limit of what they felt they were able to extend. Emergency Services had turned me down, because my cumulative three-month income hadn’t reached their requirement. A storm was coming that weekend with ice and snow. I knew there wasn’t enough gas in our tank to see my family through. With seven children in the house, ages three to thirteen, I was anxious, afraid and didn’t know where else I could turn.

So, I had gone to the one place I knew to get help. It was a teary place. While I was praying in my bedroom, I heard a sound that I was not expecting at all. There was clanking on the propane tank and sound of pumping gas. Getting up, I saw one of God’s angels, for someone had bent the rules. I never knew who made the decision to come and help us out. I never knew if it was our familiar delivery person who refused to turn away from my family, or if it was someone in the gas company who chose that moment to have compassion. What I knew was that I had  received an answer from God. God’s messenger of grace had just arrived. When the deliveryman came to the door, he said that they had only  put in one-hundred gallons, not the usual five-hundred our tank took. But it was enough.

Within a couple of weeks, I was able to get the Energy Assistance I now qualified for. Even, all these years later, I cannot tell this story without tears coming to my eyes and my voice choking up. I am reminded of God’s messengers of love, who come to us in unexpected moments, showering us with mercy and compassion.

I remember, that God continues to nudge us to acts of compassion, mercy and love. And sometimes . . .  when I listen with my heart . . .  I remember that I can be one of God’s messengers of grace in another person’s life.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
God’s mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,
“therefore I will hope in God.” Lamentations 3:22-24

8 thoughts on “Surprised by God’s Angel of Mercy

  1. Wow, what a marvellous story, Shirley! We’ve witnessed similar things in our family that could only have happened due to God’s timely intervention. Such tender care signs are clear to us, but I think God also saves us from serious accidents and mishaps more often than we could know. Blessed by reading this. Thanks for sharing it! xo ❤

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  2. A week ago, my car stalled while I was making a left hand turn into a parking lot. I was now blocking one of the two lanes, and when the light changed here comes the traffic. I held my hand out the window and was trying to find my emergency lights to no avail. Cars flying around me. Was about ready to panic when I heard a voice. A lady pulled up beside me and asked if I wanted her to push my car across the road into the parking lot. She said put your car in neutral and pulled up behind me and with her car pushed me to safety. She circled around and pulled out of the parking lot while I was yelling thank you! Truly an angel sent by God!

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