One Act of Love at a Time

Several Lenten Seasons ago the worship committee, of my then church, decided to force a tree into leafing out. It seemed like a great living experience for the weeks of Lent. The congregation would be surprised as a seemingly dead tree  would come to life. If all went well, we’d be seeing the tree greening in about four weeks. (At least that is what the internet said.) We found a tree for the task, properly watered it, and set in a Christmas tree stand in the sanctuary for Ash Wednesday.

But, week after week, the tree remained bare. No matter how many times I checked on it, nothing was happening. Palm Sunday was looming with nary a single bud showing signs of life. So, I was pleasantly surprised, when setting up for the Palm Sunday service,  to discover the first emerging leaves.  It was almost as if we’d planned their arrival perfectly.  On Easter we celebrated with butterflies on our  partially leafed out tree. Through the  Easter season we continued to watch our tree fill out.

The mystery of how that timing happened might have remained, just that a mystery. Several weeks later I learned our custodian had taken pity on the tree and added Miracle Grow to the water. A little dose of Miracle Grow was all it took.

As we walk through this stressful period, with crumbling markets and Covid019 intruding into our space, all of us, need some extra TLC.   A little tender care can take a barren tree and give it new life. A little extra kindness can take a barren life and make a difference. A little extra grace can turn a life around. A little extra love can change the future. All of us can make a difference, one act of love at a time.

“Be doers of the word, and not hearers only.” James 1:22

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