Windows of God’s Grace

“You also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house—a holy priesthood.”  I Peter 2:5 Tree of Life Version

There are people who come into our lives, just when we need that person.   Caroline was one who came and blessed us.   Caroline should never have been part of our congregation.  She should have been back in her hometown in her own home.  Instead, some unscrupulous lender tricked her into signing a contract, which resulted in the loss of her home.  

I felt bad for her, but it was hard to feel bad that she was worshiping with us. She brought a dynamic faith that changed many of ours. For Caroline, every setback was a place of learning to trust. Her large family of children, stepchildren and grandchildren, we’re always in the circles of her prayers and often ours. She shared her love of God and confidence in her Lord.

Caroline welcomed strangers and visitors to the congregation with the warmth of her own and Christ love. A born evangelist, she filled her car with friends from her apartment building each Sunday. 

She was one of God’s living stones, chosen by God and of great worth.

We are surrounded by emissaries of love, who bless our lives in unexpected ways.   With gentle and wise words they draw us closer to God, and are themselves, windows into God’s grace.  

“But you are a chosen people, set aside to be a royal order of priests, a holy nation, God’s own; so that you may proclaim the wondrous acts of the One who called you out of inky darkness into shimmering light.” I Peter 2:9 The Voice Version

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